Learn more about the technologies we employ.

Dental Operating Microscope

Global Dental microscopes are used for all treatments and consultation in order to more completely visualize anatomical complexities, improving both diagnoses and allowing for unprecedented precision during treatment.

2-D and 3-D Digital Imaging

Today’s digital imaging systems are a game changer when it comes to diagnosis and treatment planning. Our CareStream 2- and 3-dimensional digital imaging systems allow for extraordinarily accurate and efficient x-ray interpretation.

Ultrasonic instrumentation & irrigation

Ultrasonic instrumentation and irrigation allow for unmatched exploration of anatomy and cleansing capabilities, improving the overall treatment and speeding up recovery time.

Nickel Titanium rotary instrumentation

Used in root canals, today’s nickel titanium rotary instruments allow for safer and more efficient shaping of canals, giving us better control and shortening treatment time.

Electric Handpieces

Electric handpieces are more efficient and significantly quieter than their air-driven counterparts. They are safer and allow for a quieter, more relaxed experience for the patient.

Electronic apex locators

Used in root canals, electronic apex locators are a diagnostic tool that allow for accurate canal length determination, improving treatment while reducing the need for x-rays.

Sterilization Center

Our state-of-the-art Steri-Center offers the ultimate in patient safety and infection control through instrument processing.

ASI Endodontic Delivery Systems

Our Advanced Endodontic System® provides an organized, streamlined work center for efficient and safe delivery of care.

Modern Office Design

Our new office was designed with patient-centered care as the number one priority, combining a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere with ultramodern patient safety (infection control) and treatment efficiency.

Patient-Centered Website

No cookie-cutter healthcare site here! Our new website is 100% custom, written by us, and designed for a seamless user experience. Modern, quiet, and clean, our site is responsive and built to ADA accessibility and HIPAA privacy standards.